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golden triangle/southeasttexas riding?

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just bought me a 06 foreman 500es 4x4 and lookin to take some rides in the area.i mostly been ridin trails at the lake.anybody in the area know of any good spots where I won't have rounds fired at me.
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Welcome aboard. Not sure exactly where you're located but I'm in the Houston area. Most OHV parks for the state are in East Texas.
rose city is a pretty small town..i mean small..just east of beaumont.
Ahhh now I know where you are. From Beaumont, you have a good location to get to the East Texas parks. Crosby is about 45 minutes away, $5 entrance fee, and tons of mud and water. I didn't get to ride the trail systems much last weekend. It gets pretty packed by 5 p.m. and probably not your greatest crowd of folks but still somewhere near enough.

Larger parks in ETX are in Jacksonville (River Run and Mud Creek ). Shiloh Ridge and Tree are in Alto. Sabine River Rats is straight up 59 and I think on Facebook but no official site...I can get you more info if you need it though. General Sam's is in Huntsville about 60 miles north of Houston on I-45. Creekside Edge and Splendora MX are about 30 miles north of Houston on I-59.

Hope that helps! If you're looking for a Mardi Gras weekend ride, there are tons. I'll be at River Run March 4th - 6th with a group of folks.
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thanks for all the info!!!txtee
Hey guys... I'm in Silsbee if ya wanna ride sometime
A Buna-ite here also. Always looking for more places to ride. Sabine ATV park in Burkeville is pretty decent, although I quit going this summer as the dust would absolutely choke you down!! A bit of rain as of late should make it much more enjoyable.

Hey Texasswamp & Shagadelic i'm from Vidor, and DocGP I used to live in Buna down 1004 from the light go 5.8 miles from town down 1004 off Co. Rd. 634. I live in Vidor now. Hey ya'll I ride on land behind my house here there is about 18,000 + Acres I ride on. Maybe we get a few people together sometime meet up and go riding. Ya'll could park on my land run down end of the road and stay gone all day there so much land out here to ride on.
I'm from Hamshire.
Always looking for a new place to ride.
This place in Vidor looks like some place I'd like to try.
Shoot me a message next time you plan a ride.
I live in woodville. Do most of my ridn in Burkeville
Sabine ATV/Burkeville is a great park.I was there last weekend.
Yes sir it is the sh*t I can't wait to go again
Im in Bridge City with a busted 400 haha
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