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Going for new tires and wheels tomorrow...

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Okay... Tomorrow is the day!
I am going to pick up my new tires and wheels. I am getting them from ATV Direct in Martin,Ky.
I have decided on 26" ITP 589's on ITP Type 4 wheels in the machine finish. My '04 450 Foreman is bone stock. Does anyone else run this combo without a lift? I thought I might pick up a Hi Lifter 2" lift kit while I am there. What are your opinions on this Tire/Wheel combo and do you think I will need the lift kit?
Thanks in advance...
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my old foreman run 27 inch vampires never rubbed in any serconsatnces (cant spell)
my cousin has the same atv with that combo and they dont even come close to rubbing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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