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Getting rid of rev limiter?

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I was just wondering how you do this or I guess does it have one I heard they do and also does driving without the spark arrestor hurt performance? thanks a lot for any help I have an 05 foreman es.
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I am not sure if it has an electronic or mechanical rev limiter. If mechanical you can "remove" it. If electronic, you would need a new engine controller which, I am not sure is available. However, I can say with 100% confidence that doing away with the rev limiter regardless of its design, is a very bad idea. These engines are not designed to be high performance engines with high rpms. The rev limiter is there to keep all your engine parts inside the engine and working. Now the spark arrestor, you can simply remove the 3 bolts on the back of your muffler and take a small cutting wheel (or whatever you have to cut through the screen) and cut the screen part off the tailpipe. I did this to mine when it continually was loaded with mud, with no ill effect. It will however allow more water and mud to enter your exhaust at a faster rate than with the screen.
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