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getting a new exhaust

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hey im ganna get a new exhaust and i dont know what type to get. i hav a 450 foreman ES and i cant decide i was thinking of HMF utility series or the HMF Penland Pro. can i get some opinions on exhaust
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I really like the hmf utility on my rubi. Sounds good and gave me good power with jet kit and k&n filter. It really woke my bike up, throttle response is a lot better. I used to not be able to pop a wheelie due the extra weight of my bumper and winch on the front, but now with the pipe, filter and jet kit it pops up on small inclines when I pin the throttle. However its not for those who don't like it loud.

I'm not sure what kind of power and how loud the penland is, but from what I understand the utility is supposed to give you the most power and noise...
thanks alot the utility is cheaper i think ima get it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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