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Gear Redution on 2007 Foreman

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does anyone make a gear reduction for the 07' Foreman?
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thier website looks so nice!
that place is a freakin hole in the wall! but im sure they do a good job on thier work. any idea on what they charge for the gear reduction?
i heard that with the gear reduction a foreman 500 can turn 28" tires just like stock tires. anyone else hear this?
i have 28s and have no prob....
this is for more of the 29.5's size...
i was reading on turners web site, that it will turn 28's like stock. 29.5s will need a few more mods to turn them like stock.
Reduction is meant for the 29.5's and I believe it is around $600. I have been on the "list" for 6months at least.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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