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gear reduction?

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ok im having a really hard time finding a gear reduction kit if anyone knows were i can find one please let me no
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I replied to your pm, as I said in it. The kit is nothing more than a set of 300 parts. Here is the info with all the info you need.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... +reduction</a>
double post
do it awsome power i turn 27 zillas and vamps like stock
you can get the kit at
turners is gona just be a rip off on the 450 reduction all you need the the fourtraxx300 clutch basket and primary gear
this is the rist ive heard of the 300 gear so your just useing the main gear fromthe 300 my buddy has a 300 and mine seems lower in first.
the primary on the 300 gear has 27 teeth i think and the 450 has 29 i forget the baskets numbers but when u swap the gears in it lowers the gearing from them
cool when i rebuild my engine i will defenetly look into it.
stupid question but all i see listed every where is 300 ex, is this the same basket or should it be TRX 300, i am not familar with older models, Thanks in Advance
the 300ex is not the same. it has to be out of a trx 300 fourtrax 2x4 or 4x4
dirty man wiht that gear reduction you run the trails in 2 or 3 most of the time now? 14% is a lot hey you can realy turn 29.5s now
it depends on the trails as to what gear I run, we take our time and enjoy the sites. My bike pulls the 30" zilla's great, so far no problems other than breaking the stock axles. Maybe after some more upgrades I might. Santa is bringing me some ape axles so who knows what will happen.
sounds nice im happy with 28 outlaws but if i get a popo im going with 29.5s i hear of breaking a lot on the foreman when running 29.5s im actuly looking (again) at doing a home made irs the straight axle is nice but ive seen the light and going to convert this or go to a popo if i do im giving my little brother the foreman. hes big and its good for us big guys specialy when starting out real though.
Ok sorry to beat a dead horse, What year range will the basket work from on the TRX300? Found one locally but unsure if it is right, any tips. Thanks in Advance
no difference in the baskets and drive gears.
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