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Gear reduction question?

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I posted this same question about the 450 too.

On a stock 400, what size tires will it turn with the trx300 reduction kit in it.
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Here are the mods installed on the wifes 98 foreman 400
1.5" snorkel
wiseco overbore, cant remember what size.
clutch kit
28" zilla's 10's & 12's
warn 424
gear reduction

it pulls them great. the next mod will be a DGL for it.
Thanks for the reply.
Will it turn 27 laws with the reduction, with a stock motor?
yes it will do fine
A buddy of mine has a 400 with a 450 jug and the trx 300 parts for the gear reduction on it, no other mods and he is running 26" Outlaws, turns them no problem.
Thanks for all the info.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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