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Gear reduction question?

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On a stock foreman 450 with the trx300 reduction kit, what size tires will it turn stock, except a jet ket and exhaust?
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Whatever you want. I run 29's without a problem.
eustis, I tried to take a look at your photos, but I cant, what is your photobucket site?

Your bike looks great, so you got the BBK and the reduction kit?
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ew%20Lift/</a>

I'm not running the bbk because I dont want the extra heat. I just bored it .020 with a stock piston. The reduction is probably the best mod out there for the foreman. I'm fixing to do one on a buddy's forman that is completely stock. He's running 27 laws on it now but we are going to put some 29x10's on it once we get the reduction in.
eustis how did you lift the back of your bike.
extended swing arm
Eustis, those ar some good pics and vids. Good looking bike.

Did you send your stock swing arm to X fab?

How much did they charge you for the lift?
Also, do the duel shocks really do anything, or are they just their to look cool? [/img]
he got the lift used.
any idea how much they run from x fab?
I have no ideal on a price. you can pm pondhopper1 or Buzsaw. I think both of them work for X Fab and are members here but I haven't seen them around in a while.
A buddy of mine did this to his 400 Saturday and rode it Sunday and he realy liked it. He has a 450 jug on it and he's running 26" Outlaws. He never boged down even in some nasty mud.
Pondhopper1 built the one I have. It was on his bike and he sold it. From what he told me before it would be $2500 for everything. He no longer works for xfab but he is still doing fab work on his own. If ya want his phone number let me know.
hey eustis whats the purpose of the dual shocks on the front?
I guess its more for looks but its stiff as ****.
looks bad ass.. how hard was it to get dual shocks in the front.
For 2500, I will do the work myself.

The dual shocks do look cool as ****. Thats a good looking bike.
hey what is a good website to get a gear reduction?
QUOTE ("eustismudder":39grbamp)
I guess its more for looks but its stiff as ****.
I had a triple shock set up on my Toyota for looks only. Four of the six front shocks were old shocks that I drilled and pumped the fluid out. Painted them and installed new boots. Got the look I wanted without the stiff ride.
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