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gear reduction kits

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hey well i have been readin about these gear reduction kits what do they do.and were could i get these kits from ok thanks
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they do just what they say, the reduce the gearing in the tranny so you can spin bigger tires easier. It is only good if you ride lots of deep thick mud where it is hard to spin your tires. The top speed is greatly affected. IIRC you can get the gear reduction at highlifter.
the gear kit that HL offers is for the Rincon, not for the foreman. The only person that has the kit for the 450 is Nugents Performance. But for some reason they have been having problems getting the them out. The kit I have is a 14% reduction and it gave my bike plenty of torque Well worth the money IMO. Here is the info, just give them a call and see what they say.

Nugent Performance
Phone# (409)287-4353
ask for Billie
how much are you talkin the top end speed is hurt and are they good or bad on ur fourwheeler
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