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gear reduction kit

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I was wondering where a good place to get a gear reduction kit from would be. What does this kit do
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it makes the bike geared lower so you can turn larger heavier tires
thanks man.... do you no were i can get 1 at
as far as i know no one makes it for the 450 foreman i have the14%np reduction and love it i also was looking for another one but cant find anyone that makes it. i hope you find one let me no if you do
from waht i hear you can get one from turners i belive the name is but he has to have the bike in his shop to make it
There was one for sale in the high lifter want ads.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 879/tm.htm</a>

Here is where I got mine. I hear they don't make the 450 foreman anymore.

No web site, by phone only.
Nugent Performance
Phone# (409)287-4353
ask for Billie Nugent.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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