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Gear position indicator is blank

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Hi all. I am new to the forums but not to the website. This has been a great place to help me out with my 01 Rubicon. I have found some posts about similar problems to mine but not exactly so I thought I would start a new thread.

The problem is when i try to shift. I have to wiggle the shift selector to get it into gear otherwise the gear position is just blank. I have read alot of posts about it blinking for people but that has never happened to me. The atv does change gear but will never go outside of 1st gear and sputters while in reverse. As soon as i wiggle the shift selector so that it reads the appropriate gear on the display, it seems to work fine. This problem has been getting worse and worse over the past couple months. I have checked my codes and there was a code 10 in there (ECM) but since I have cleared the code, it hasnt come back. There is the possibility that it isnt related to this problem. I was thinking it was a bad contact in the gear shifter but it does the same thing when i try and manually shift the gears. Any help would be appreciated.

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your problem could be your wiring. after i pulled my motor, the contacts weren't clean in the plugin for the gear posistion sensor. my advice to you is to pull all your electrical plug-ins apart then clean them , fill with di-electric grease and put them back together. there are 3 plugins by ur pull start. i bet they are dirty / corroded.
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It could be the gear position switch (change switch I think is what they call it on the parts finder) is getting bad.
dude...i'm not trying to come off as being gruff, or an *******, but the part that you're wiggling, obviously has a bad connection in/near it. investigate from there. you should be able to answer your own questions...also, split the housing apart and clean the contacts.
The shift lever has the reverse switch on it but that is it. That lever connects to a linkage that goes down to the front side of the motor and connects to a shaft that runs through the motor to the rear of it to turn the shift drum which turns the gear position (change) switch. I think that is where he is going to find his problem. It's only getting a reading in one certain position instead of the wider position it should be. That switch barely will move when wiggling the shifter but all it takes is finding the sweet spot.
Thanks guys, I think toodeep is correct, I think its my switch. I did the connectivity troubleshooting but didnt have good results. I disconnected the 4 pin connector that Tea Time was talking about and tested toward the switch. I got connectivity when in low but not in other gears. I didnt have anyone else with me to wiggle the shifter but i bet i would have gotten connectivity if I had.

My next question is what the heck is the part number? If im reading things right the switch is actually called a "SHAFT, ANGLE SENSOR"??? according to HONDAMATIC Honda FOURTRAX FOREMAN RUBICON (TRX500FA) 2001 OEM Parts - Cheap Cycle Parts its part number 3 (27431-HN2-000)? can someone just confirm that is the correct part? it looks nothing like the actual switch.

Thanks again for everyones help


the part u looked at just connects the angle sensor to the tranny. not what u want.
Tea TIme is faster than

#5 switch assy., change. It's under the rear crankcase cover section if it doesn't paste the right link. Pretty easy to replace.

Tea TIme is faster than

i have some spare time on my hands :lol: Faster's not always better!
thanks everyone, the correct part has been ordered, I will let you know if that fixed the issue.
Was that able to fix the issue? I've had this problem myself.
That will fix it, I had the same exact problem with mine. Wires going into the switch were corroded causing intermitting problems.
I was trying to find that part for a 2007 Rubincon, but it looks like they have changed that part a little. Kinda looks like they have made the harness separate.
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Sorry for the late response... Yes, that did fix it. took me 10 min to take old part off and 10 min to put new part back on! thanks toodeep
Yeah. I ended up changing mine out and it fixed mine as well.
could someone post of pic of where the ends of the switch are?

I found the cluster of wire clasps by the air box, just wondering where other end connects.

I'm having the same problem with my 2003 Rubicon. It wont go into D and seems it defaults to first gear and just stays there, and the display is blank. it shifts into low and reverse fine and if you ride for awhile then all of a sudden D will work. I will be replacing the switch as soon as it arrives. will report back also :)
Sorry for the late response... Yes, that did fix it. took me 10 min to take old part off and 10 min to put new part back on! thanks toodeep
what part did you order. I'm having the same problem with my 2003 honda Rubicon foreman 500
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