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Gear locker??

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If the gear locker is installed on a Foreman 500 with the 4 wheel drive switch to put it in 4 wheel or take it out will it make it all the time 4x4 or will u still have the option of in or out?
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You will still have the option of taking it out of 4x4. A locker just sends power to both front tires instead of one.In 4x4 mode it will probably steer harder with a locker.
ya the steering wil be crap but thanks cause my old man is lookin at one and im doin some research on it.. he's got a 450s 4x4 and i no with the locker installed it will be REAL all the time 4x4 thanks again
Chump jr.
when in in 4x4 the locker acts as a locker when going strait and a limited slip when in the turns making it faily easy to steer but i have no clue what it does nin 2x4
alright thanks for the info
In 2wd it'll be just freewheeling like your normal front end if its a Detroit Gearless Locker, but if its a spool type locker (lots lots cheaper) it'll be full lock 4wd all the time no question, even if you put it in 2wd the front tires will still be locked
But if its switchable 2wd/4wd the front end will be locked in but the transfer case will not be turning it.
it depends on the type of locker, on our bikes with a DGL it'll be just like stock, but with a spool the wheels will be locked with no power going to them in 2wd
So on ours it will be an electric locker. It locks when you switch in it 4wd? If so I would rather have it where I could have normal 4wd and if I needed all 4wd chew I could switch a button.
hmmmmm that'd have to be like a yami,kawi,ac type locker
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