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gear info

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As some of you may already read the post on HL's site about the gear reduction kit for the foremans. WrecklessKelly , thanks to him has done all the leg work and found that the trx 300 clutch basket and drive gear are interchangable to the 400 and 450 foremans giving them the 14% gear reduction. <a href="" target="_blank"> ... 584/tm.htm</a>

I have also installed a set in the wifes 400, works great and looks like the Nugent kit I have in my bikes. Which makes me think that they where the same kit.
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I read this over at HL, looks like my next project!!
I got the wifes gear set off ebay for around $50 shipped. Also while your in there look at your timing chain.
i am for shure looking into / but wats it do?
you replace your clutch setup with the 300 clutch basket and the drive gear which drops the gear ratio 14%. your bike will top out around 30mph thus given you more torque to the wheels to turn bigger tires.
was thinkgin of doing the same to mind but cant seem to find the primary gear for cheep can find hte basked but not gear maby im not typeing the right search on ebay in what did u search
search under trx 300, there is only a basket there now. Have to keep checking from time to time or maybe fine someone with a blown motor to get the parts needed.
alrite thanks will have to keep checkin
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