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gear indicator

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I recently found myself on the bottome of a pond. Lucky for me I bought a Honda. Well I have gotten everything flushed and is running fine the only prob I am having is that on my lcd screen it once told me what gear I was in now it doesnt. Does anyone know where the sensor that sends this message is located.
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I havbe the trx350 with es
The gear indicator on the TRX350FE/FM/TM/TE is inside the engine under the rear alternator cover .. The coupler is under the right side cover (when sitting on the bike) it is a 2 wire coupler on a FM/TM model and a 7 wire coupler on a FE/TE ..The coupler should be cleaned with contact cleaner and re-greased with dielectric grease ..

If you need more info I can send you the section from the Honda shop manual in a PDF file ..
thanks i will give that a try this weekend
Ok maybe I do need more instruction where on the right side is it located. Another thing if it is under warranty should I take it in. I guess I should forget to mention the submerged under water thing.
Here is section 21 of the Honda TRX350FE PDF shop manual ..This covers lights/meters/switches ..

Download File
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