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GBC Gators

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I have a 2005 Foreman 500 and i was wandering if i should get gators or mudlights!
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Gators if you do hard core mudding..

Mudlites if you trail ride and do some mudding..
i have 27" gators and i love them so far i havent had them in the mud yet but i will this weekend so i will let you know. my brother has 27" mudlites and the gators are better in the snow. so we'll see this weekend about the mud.
i forgot to tell ya. i found the best price on the internet for both the gators and the mudlites @
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


gators $270
mudlites $260
prices are with military discount
Thanks for the site!
Thanks for the site!
My next tire will be the Gator. I think they are great for the money.
Better than stock?

Having a new atv is it worth the change to change from stock to let's say Gators? I've been in the mud with stock tire and they seem to do OK.
also i was wondering which wear faster gators or mudlights. i ride on mostly dirt and mud but sometimes on rocky trails.
I don't know about the Gators, but i've had my Mud Lites for a few years &
they still look great. Probably 97% tread left & we ride dang near every
mudlites are not good on rocks..i use stock tires when i ride in the mountains..i don't know about gators on the rocks..??
as for the Gators wearing im not sure yet ive been spinning them all winter with no wear but its also in the snow so that dont count, but i think they will do pretty good this summer. there 6ply and the luggs feel pretty solid. they sould last a long time

i was wondering what the gators look like on the foreman. So could i see a few pics if you guys have any?
here are the pics i have i could get you some better ones tomorrow
oops here are the other ones
I'm in the process of ordering some 27x12-12 rears and 27x10-12 fronts i just hope the engine with no mods will be able to clean them
i have no problem turning them. i think you will like them
did you have any problems fitting the 27's on the stock rims?
You might want to think about paying a shop to change the tires, I took mine in and the shop tryed to break the bead, after trying the one they use for cars and failing then the one they use for large truck tires and failed finally with some rigging up they used the tire changer they use to change tractor tires they got the bead broke and then after saying they charge 8 bucks a tire charged me 9.25 but they said it should have been more
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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