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GBC Dirt Devil A/T or Dirt Devil 2

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Are Dirt Devil A/T or DD2 tires any good? I ride mostly on trails (and snow covered trails once a year with no more than 2 ft), and I don't ride through much water or mud, and if I do it's not deeper than the floorboards.

How is the reverse capability of these tires?

Do they wear out fast?

Are they true to size?

Is there a better tire for what I need than the GBC?

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I have a set of Dirt Devil A/T's.They do run short in size.I have about 650 miles on mine and they look like new.I rode mostly gravel roads and old logging roads in the woods.I was very happy with this tire in all types of terrain.Last fall I switched to Executioners just for fall/winter,soon I'll be putting the Dirt Devils back on.
Thanks for the info.

I would like to get the same size as my standard Dunlops which are 25's, should I go with the 26 Dirt Devils or are the 25's unnoticably smaller?

I'd recommend getting the 26 inch size.I bought the 25 inch Dirt Devils and after I mounted them I wished I'd bought the 26's.I'll get pictures this weekend and post them here for you.
Just go ahead and get the dirt devil xt's. They ride great and do even better when the goin gets tough. I have a set for about 1 year and they still look brand new. Go ahead and get 27's though, not only does it give you better ground clearance but you can get it in a wider size.
I think I will go with the 26 for now. I would love to see those pics when u get em posted. Thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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