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gators vs 589s

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hey everyone, i need your help to decide which tires to get, rright now i am running 26 inch tian 589 MTs and i need something better. i was wondering what would be a better choice, 28 inch gators or 28 inch 589s, i mostly ride mud and water, and some trail, i need some infor on these tires, which would last longer and which would be better in mud?? also does anyone know the tread depth of 28inch gators?? i dont care how rough the ride is between the 2, i just care about mud performance and which float better and wear better. which tire would you pick out of gators or 589s??
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The 589 M/Ts are better tires than the ITP 589 M/S. So I would not choose them if you want a better tire. Gators/Mudbugs or Dirt Devil XTs is where I would lean if your not looking for an all out mudder.
Seems the Gators would be a really good mud tire to me. They have a lot
of space between the lugs, so it seems they would clean out good too. I am
really leanin' towards the Gators for our next set of tires or i was. I don't
know now. Basically from what i've been hearin' on here, the Gators aren't
that great of a tire. I don't know.
If you ride mud and watter all the time then go with outlaw or bi/tri claws. The outlaw is the best mud tire but will get you dirty. I have 589's on my bike and my buddy with the same bike has outlaws. He can go places in 2 wheel drive that I get stuck in 4x4.
o man who's been dogin on the gators j/k
i like my gators so far the have been real good in the snow and really good in the mud, mud that i would have been stuck in with the stockers and 4x4 i run right threw in 2 wheel drive now. i know there are may other mud tires that would put the gators to shame and a bigger dent in the wallet. i think you will be happy with any tire once you get rid of the stockers
just got my gators put on friday and I love em, my friend has 28" 589s on a grizzly and i had to pull him out 3 times yesterday.
well i did some muddin this weekend and wow i love those gators. they out performed my brothers mudlites but he wont admit it.
That's what i want to hear. l will be gettin' some for mine when mine wear
down some more. Still got quite a few miles left in the ol' Mudlites.
I personally have the 27 inch ITP 589's and love them on the trails, sand, hard pack, and other riding.. BUT I am selling the 589's because it seems that the Mudzillas, Outlaws definately out do me in the mud. I am a die hard 589 fan because I had Outlaws on this bike before and it rattled my fillings out on hard pack, so I switched. Mudzillas seem to be a happy medium. There are other tires out there that would compare though.
i was really shocked when me and my brother found a nasty mud pit and he bet me a dollar i couldn't make it threw in 2wd. it took some time but i made it and he didnt. he might not have made it because of the mudlites or because he has a suzuki vinson auto and his belt got wet ha ha i made fun of him for awhile for that one. i had to pull him threw the mud cause he couldn't even move
I don't like how heavy the 589's and outlaws are tho.......does this matter to you guys?
its a trade off if your gonna have that kind of traction you gotta deal with the extra weight....bye bye top end i'll miss you
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