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Gators or Mud bugs??

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I know this has prolly been posted a million times!! What are the differences in the gators and the mud bugs??? I can get the gators for like alittle over $50 cheaper and I was wondering the differences?? Is the tread deeper on the gators do they weigh more or less if so how much?? Thanx abunch guys and by the way I am lookin at the 28x10 for the front and 28x12 for the rear!
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weights are pretty equal, same as muddin, feel pretty much the same on trails. hey if yah save 50 bucks on Gators, go for it. Gators Lugs are 33mm tall were as mud bugs lugs are 30mm tall. (lol say that 5 times fast.. mud bugs lugs, mud bugs lugs etc )
Are there significant differences in how well/quickly each of them wears down?
i had the gators and they wore good but not as good as other tires i had. i have heard that the mud bugs do wear a little better but eather tire is good.
I have Gators on my Honda and mudbugs on my brute, Exactally the same tread. The bugs though have slightly raised lines that go around the circumference of the tire whereas the gators have little Gator words stamped in the tire between the treads.
I love the Gators, got them last year, put about 800km's on them and no sighns of wear yet. Very good mud tire and 6ply. The bugs I just got with the new Brute and because of all the snow we still have here, I haven't had a chance to try them out in the mud yet.
I have gators and love them.
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