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Gators 26" Foreman 450 ES

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I just put Gators on my Foreman. These are the 26". It drives so much better than the stock (Girlie) Tires. This think Looks B-A-D when its being driven around. I was on the farm where all the creeks are swolen, the flood area is just right. Where I use to go in 4x2 until it quit going to now it does not slow down. It may spin and through mud, but when I go 4x4 it does not spin, through much mud and its almost like sking across the mud.

These tires are Great, I went to TRAX from a link here and got a great deal. that has been so far $100 cheeper than anyone! on a set of 4.
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That looks good! I think Honda should have put 26" tires on the Foreman as stock equipment. I have 26" x 10" on all four and I can't believe the difference it makes.
do you have any motor mods? like a pipe, fliter? do you notice a power differnce?
Only mod I did was remove the spark arrestor.It definitely slowed down the top speed.Low end power seems about the same.I have 26" Kenda Executioners and they were much heavier than stock.
You will like the gators. Here's mine.
26" Gators on 450 Foreman

My bike is all stock except for the tires. I have noticed that sometimes in thick mud I have to down shift one time and I have more than plenty of power.

The next item I guess will be a K&N Filter.

This thing is GREAT and it is B-A-D on the trail.

I am planning a ride at Durhamtown on MLK birth day next monday!

Should be a great day!
You guys should have went with 27's. Me and my friends run the 500's and 450's up in new brunswick, canada with 27" gators. The bike turns them with ease and you get more clearance. I've upgraded to 28" outlaws on tuesday and they come in on the 24 of january. Here is a pic of the 27's with a 2 inch lift. Lift not required on the 500.
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