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Gas Tank Going Down Fast!!

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Hi all,

Recently my gas tank has been going down really fast. I drove about almost 50kms today and my gas tank was half way gone. How can i fix this up. It never used to do this, would it be because im driving in the winter right now.?

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On both Rubi's I have owned it seemed like they were much harder on gas than my rancher or buddies 500 foremans. I just kinda figured it was cause of the trans as far as being harder than other big quads. And once i put the big wheels and tires on it got real bad which was understandable. Yours gotten worse than it had been before for no reason?
yes it just gotten harder on gas just for no reason.
i found out yesterday.
last time i went out, to a friends i went the same way, same distance with almost empty gas tank and made it there no problem. and could still get back home, today i went there my gas tank went down by 1/4 tank.
does it go worse from full to 1/2 and then level off on its usage?
not sure, havent used the whole tank today.
i only used till half.
i went almost 50 kms or maybe just a bit more and half the tanks was gone.
I get a maximum of 120km out of a full tank. Usually about 110k. I get a little less with ITP XTR's in the stock size, the top speed is also 5-10kmh
A yamaha 660 burns almost the same amount of fuel. So I also think that hydralic trans eat the fuel up.
the reason i asked is that it may have to do with some of it leaking out the overflow, which wouldnt explain why it is just now starting or getting worse. if that is the cause, ive read where some peole will stick a jet nozzel in the hose to minimize overflow and still allow it to breath. i dont know if this helps but just thought i would pass on this idea. good luck.
would it be a good idea to also re-jet it.?
heard that from a friend, he said it might help.?
now i dont honestly know about that area.sry.
I had a similar problem with my Ruby.......I would fill my tank up and get ready to ride a day later and I would only have 3/4 of a tank. I checked for leaks and everything for a week.........found out the neighbors kid learned how to siphon gas into his go cart when I was at work! I would have been mad but it was pretty smart for an 8 year old.
haha nice.
would u happen to know if i ever re jet my quad, would the gas mileage get better.
I don't think rejetting would help your fuel usage. I would check the floats in the carb to see if they are stuck open allowing fuel to go through the overflow or back out into the airbox. Is it running fine just using a lot of fuel or does it hesitate on the low end/miss on high end. In other words does it give any clues at all to what might be wrong?
oh ok.
how might i be able to do that.?
Its running just fine right now. shows no clues that something is wrong.
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