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Gas in the Air Box

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Ok, 2" snorkle, NGK plug, K&N filter, and looped the vent lines. Today is the first time I actually went riding since I put these on, and it was real hard to start cold. When we got there, we had to take off the lid to start it, and when I got home I had to do the same thing. Runs great after it starts. Now I have fuel in the airbox. Does the A/F screw need to go in or out? Any suggestions?
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i have the same stuff and the same problem. need help please.
if you dont turn your gas off while you are trailering your bikes or even just standing around with your bike off and its windy enough outside the wind will go through your snorkle creating a vaccum and it will pull gas into your air box............... i know that it sounds crazy but thats what doesnt do it while its stock because the wind doesnt really go straight into the stock air intake cause it is under that plastics....... Just get the gas out the same way that you get water out of your bike and remember to shut the gas off and it wount happen again
thats all it is. i turn gas off and leave motor running until it dies just to make sure. had that happen once on a long trip. gas got up into the filter and cleaned out the oil out of it. temporary delay for the day.
that makes sense, i had no problems before the trip, but after about an hour drive, that is when it started. thanks for the info, I will remedy that.
That is your problem. However you need to check your oil and maybe change it just to be safe. That gas can work its way in there. Just ask Freek589.
what makes it hard to start? i noticed that happing whenever i got done snorkling it.
mine is only hard to start when you first take it off the trailer......... i am guessing that it is the same thing the wind takes all the gas out of the carb and it wount fire till you get enough gas into the carb

i had that problem too, after i installed my snorkel.

it wasn't that bad at first...but it seemed the more i moved and leaned the bike over the more it came out.

it just kept getting worse, until it was just pouring out and the only way i could stop it is by turning off the fuel... carb float was stuck, had some dirt in it.

happened 3 times already.

the last time, there was so much fuel in the carb it flooded out and foiled my spark plug. i took the whole carb apart and cleaned it and adjusted a/f screw...

felt like i lost a little power and then i lost compression and the exhaust gasket it messed up...i haven't had a chance to tear it down to make sure, but that is what it sounds like to me...

so, get it fixed the first time or you will begin a chain reaction...
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do most people who snorkle their foreman's have to adjust the a/f screw at all? i have not snorkled mine yet, but im planning on doing it really soon
some people do but it all depends on where you live and the bike i have had mine snorkled and jetted since the day after i bought my bike in febuary and never have had to touch the a/f screw
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