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GAs in Airbox

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After hauling my atv for about 45 miles i couldnt get it to crank and i looked in the air box i had alot of gas in it, has this happened to anyone else?
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I have had it happen to me a couple times, I had the drain hose plugged and left the gas on. The float bounces around and causes the gas to over flow into the air box. Just pull the plug in the hose afterr each ride and turn your gas off you shouldn't have a problem.
thanks i will try it
happend to me last week, was a real bummer, I alwasy do the same thing, then out of the blue, an airbox full of gas. So now I turn the gas off and un plug the carb drain tube.
I had mine doing that to me yesterday while I was running, the gas was pouring into the air box and stalling out but there was too much gas, turned out to be the vent lines were clogged with water where I had it ran with the snorkel, I blew all of the water out and it ran fine.
Strange to have three bikes (Robb, BN & Outlaw even Euro) w/ the same issue at once.
I had the same problem for the first time this weekend also. I had the bowl unplugged but I forgot to turn the gas off...
wow, this is kinda
a HONDA conspiracy
should of bought a yami......wait i have no room to talk with a broken axle
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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