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further Advice

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Thanks to all who answered my question about horsepower and just adding a dial-jet. I got a job for mods that cost money and I even lost that cheap mentality. My next question is What do I need to buy to add that horsepower that I am looking for? and out of those things what is recommended?

Also, to those that were wondering about the mud-lite xtr's. Great tires!! great traction, stay clean, a bit heavy but awesome tires. there pretty big even in oem size so I would take that into consideration before purchase.
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Exhaust pipe (supertrapp or hmf)
Air Filter (uni or k&n)
Jet kit (Dynojet or dial-a-jet)

on the dial-a-jet if you dont ride in the mountains or ride in places that change altitude alot a Dynojet will work for you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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