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Fuel shut off valve??

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How long should it take for it to run out off gas when you turn the valve to off? Reason for asking is that when i went riding the other day, I rode 8 miles and my 4 wheeler started cutting out like it was out off gas... Then i remembered to turn the gas back on, Turned the gas on and it was like it was supposed to be. So when i got home, I turned it back off and rode around the house and stuff, never one ran out of gas. I didn't think it took long to run off when you cut the valve off? What do ya'll think?
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WOW!! 8 miles seems like an awful lot to ride on just the gas in the carb. bowl,That's some excellent MPG! Maybe your fuel shut-off was just partially off; allowing some fuel to trickle down.
mine is real similar. Not 8 miles, but a little while.
that's what i was thinking, My old bike man i could cut it off, and it'd run out less then 30 seconds!! i tried moving the shut off valve here and there around the off area.. but still the same.

Beats me, no biggie though, was just wondering if anyone knew what was up.
8 miles is a lot
mine takes about 5 minutes at idle to run out of gas.
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