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Hi! 2002 Honda Foreman TRX 400.

I’m having a flooding issue! What seems like a PCV line, coming back to the airbox, is pumping dirty (oil filled) gas into the air box. Not sure if it is a PCV hose, or something else, but it pumps fuel or fuel oil mixture into the air box quite rapidly.

Im not sure what’s causing this. Looking for some possible ways to correct this. I’ve attached a photo of the air box and there is no filter or lid in the picture.There is a small square, which is in the bottom of the air box with a same size foam filter in the square opening. The square has a 1/2” or 3/4” line connected to it from the tranny on the left side. This line is where the fuel is pumping in from.
Thanks in advance for any help which can be provided. - Victor




These last 2 pics show the line which is bringing fuel into the air box.
- Victor

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Hi Victor
You want to make sure you crankcase is not filled with gas
If your fuel needle stuck open and the drain line on carb is not working/plugged, it will flood your crankcase and airbox
If you run it like that you will burn up top end as the gas washes of all the oil lubrication
if so, drain and replace oil and filter and rebuild the carb with a quality kit
Might want to clean out fuel line and petcock valve in case there is debris causing needle to hang open as well
I also see its been 5 days for you to get an answer-
If you want MUCH better help and MUCH quicker answers, come on over to
all the Honda experts migrated over there and created their own forum and thats where I hang out now
I dont come over here too much anymore as these forums kind of fell apart awhile back
Hope to see you over there
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