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Fuel MPG with my Foreman 500

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My 500 has 200 miles on it and last weekend I rode two-track trails all day totaling 89 miles.Drove it easy in 2WD the whole time,never over 35 miles per hour.I stopped at the gas station when I got home and it took 2.1 gallons which figures out to 42 miles per gallon!
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Its hard for us around here since we are lucky to ride 20 miles in a weekend. But these 500s are reaaly good on gas. A lot better than the 450s I have seen. Ecspecially a certain 450 w/ 29.5.
Just goes to show what riding style can do...

I have been doing about 35 to 45 miles each weekend.
About 10% of that in 4WD.

I have been getting about 22 MPG.
I wish I could ride mine to work, that would save some $$
my hours compared to miles is utturly ridiculous

there have been weekends that i have gone through 2 tanks of gas and put on like 10 miles total

drive(5 minutes),get stuck(20 minutes),get tired(5 minutes),have beer/capri sun break(2 hours). repeat process
Lol yep that sounds about right. For some reason mud seems to add the miles on.
I was intentionally trying to "finess" the throttle to see what the best mpg I could get.How much gas do you have left when you need to switch over to reserve?It's nice to know what kind of fuel range you've got.
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