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fuel mileage

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with the price of fuel right now i dont see how anyone could buy a automatic bike. this past weekend i went on a ride with my foreman 500es with a few other friends that had a rancher 350, polaris 600, prarie360, rubicon, and a can-am 650. my bike and the rancher were the only ones that did not have to add fuel at the half way point. i dont understand why all of the larger bikes are going with auto transmissions. I know the acceleration is much better but you have to pay more for it when you buy it plus more just to ride it. plus more to repair it.
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I usually ride about 30 miles on half a tank never ridden more than that in a day because usually I only ride trails to get to mud.
I'm more worried about fuel consumption on my truck. Compared to that my Honda's cheap.
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