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fuel mileage

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with the price of fuel right now i dont see how anyone could buy a automatic bike. this past weekend i went on a ride with my foreman 500es with a few other friends that had a rancher 350, polaris 600, prarie360, rubicon, and a can-am 650. my bike and the rancher were the only ones that did not have to add fuel at the half way point. i dont understand why all of the larger bikes are going with auto transmissions. I know the acceleration is much better but you have to pay more for it when you buy it plus more just to ride it. plus more to repair it.
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Yeah,I can ride about 100 miles before I have to turn on RESERVE.A polaris that rides with us has to carry an extra gas can.A lot of it has to do with how you ride it,but your right the belt driven bikes seem to use more gas.
For some reason I've never cared about this factor. Ya pay to play, bottom line. However I do enjoy getting ~110mi per tank.
must b nice i think im gettin bout 90 a tank on a good week.
I just like to shift gears. Plus I think manufacturers are cheaping out with belt drive CVT''s.
well i have owned hondas all my life but in 2002 decided to try a polaris 700 and i have to say i loved the power and the ride but hated the repairs. so when i decided to get another bike i knew it was gonna be a honda but was unsure about a shift bike or a auto but the more i thought about it made me think about how reliable the shift bike was and plus the price difference made me make up my mind to get the foreman over the rubicon. the rincon was not an option because i was never going to get another irs bike.
wow 90-100 to a tank on my rubicon i would get 45-50 to a tank, no lie. that was after i modded it and everything though. even my dads 04 rubicon gets 55-60. wow what are we doing wrong
ya mad mudder. when i figure it out i will tell u cuz my foreman 500 gets 50-70 a tank with stocks. put mudlites on 50-60... now even if i got 80miles a tank. i would be glad now 90-100 a tank they must b runnin lean or got a 5 gal tank
I havent ever worried bout it cuz everyone that I ride with has big auto bikes and they all run out way before I do
Seriously,I can get to 100 miles before turning on reserve.My friend rides a 2003 Rubicon and he doesn't get as good mileage.We ride ATV trails and county roads when we ride together,never exceeding 35 mph.I think that's got a lot to do with it.
ya u guys gettin over 100miles a gallon must b running 35mph or slower. and nuttin but trails.. im running 50plus and in mud and trails so thats y mine sucks..
that makes sence now, there is a strait strech between where i live and usually ride and on my rubicon i would be full or close to full throtle back through there. them auto bikes will drink the gas when you are boring alot.
im filling good i got 58 a tank today..
I was getting over 100mi per tank when brand new. I was driving gravel roads 90% of the time and was wide open 75% of the time. Now with bigger tires I doubt I am even close to 100mi per tank.
QUOTE ("Eric":iv9uyv2d)
For some reason I've never cared about this factor. Ya pay to play, bottom line. However I do enjoy getting ~110mi per tank.
very true I get 50mi
heck u dont know wat i whould do to get a 110miles a tank lol. i guess i will just stick to my 55-60 miles a tank.. if u want to play u have to pay... good thing we have a 500gal. fuel tank at work..
I filled it up when I brought it home Saturday. Filled it up again today with two bars left and 48 miles. So I guess I am about average.
Yeah I get maybe 60mpg but that is with 29.5's and holding about 40-50mph the whole time.
UPDATE: I rode 62.8 miles yesterday and the fuel gauge still has 4 bars left.All trail riding with the family,never exceeding 35 mph.
must b nice im down to 45
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