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fuel in airbox? wth?

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here's the deal, i have a foreman, of course, and i haven't been riding in a few weeks. I got on it the other day and started her up and it ran fine for a good 2 hours. i got to a small hill and when i started to climb the foreman sputtered. it sounded like i had water in the intake (i know THAT sound!) so i stopped and checked the air box and i had some fuel in there.

i have a 2" snorkel, carb drain plugged, and carb vents ran up to snorkel.

it did that twice when i was going up an incline, and on the way home on level ground it was sputtering every now and then.

could it be the spark plug maybe? now i have gone through water deep enough to cover everything but the snorkel and the headlight without any problems and now a little hill is going to kill the foreman. i don't think so.
let me know if you can help.... sorry for the long post...........
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if your tank wasnt very full on the hill it may have not been going into the fuel line, that wouldnt explain the fuel in the airbox though. do you run all the fuel out of the carb before you trailor it. the gas can siphon into the airbox when traveling.
You need to periodically open your carb drain to let fuel escape.
This is textbook scenerio with your carb overflow plugged.
Yeah your carb will overflow when going up an incline that is what the carb drain is for, but when you have it plugged then the only ohter place for it to go is in the air box.

thanks guys but you see that is the thing, i don't trailer it. i ride from my backyard about 2 minutes and there is the mudholes and trails.

i have been riding over the same hill for years and this is the first time i have any trouble.

lets say i try and drain my carb this weekend, what would be the easiest way? just undo my drain tube?
Just pull your golf tee out or whatever you used to plug it.

i may try that this weekend, i have it folded and taped with electircal tape and a plastic tie wrap around it.

but the thing is, will it need to be drained from just sitting there like that??

i haven't rode the beast in about a month. the fuel was shut off.
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