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Fuel Economy?

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On my Foreman I only get 30 miles per tank before reserve. Most people I know get 50+ miles per tank. I have 27' Blackwaters on mine and a K&N Filter. Does anyone know why I only get 30 miles per tank of gas?
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I think it all depends on how you ride.I rode 88 miles last Saturday on my 500 and didn't get to reserve,all trail riding at25-35 mph.
If your riding in 4wd and playing around in mud and stuff it will burn more gas. Some days when i am just trail riding and in 2wd i get over 60 miles before reserve and if i'm playing around a lot in 4wd i'm lucky to get over 40. Like plumcuda said, depends on how you ride it.
I normally ride on a farm in 2wd at speeds varying between 0-40mph. In some spots I use 4wd for a few miles or so.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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