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Fuel Consumption

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i have a o4 forman 450 es that is completely stock and i get around 40 or 50 miles per tank. what do most of you get on average per tank before you have to use the reserve?
Also i am interested in getting the jet kit/pipe/k&N exhaust. will this make my beast worse on gas a noticeable amount?[/b]
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That seems low to me...I have a 500 Foreman and I can ride about 90 miles of trails before needing to turn on the reserve.That's easy riding at 30-35 mph.If you mod the bike out with exhaust,jet kit,etc. it will probably use more gas!
Mine gets horrible gas milage! I've never checked it though, but I can ride from about 12 o'clock to 6:30 or 7 in the evening and my tank will be empty.
i get about 45-50 miles or so. and my recon gets about the same. my buddy has a rincon and it gets about the same.
if i ride nice mabe 60 mi thats why I carry a fuel cell
i can get 90km on a tank of fuel on mine
this is America ,we dont have a clue about KMPH mm ML or any other backwards measuring . please stop using the metric system this is not a science fair.
amen to that!!!! hahahahah
I agree. A discussion forum on Honda ATV's is no place for the Metric system. I'll go back to working on my bike now. Just as soon as I remember where I left my 14 mm , sorry , my .551181102 inch wrench.
Just my .02. Or should i say .0234 at todays rates.
actually,once you learn the metric system,its easier than our system.
It is actually easier but it still take time for us "older guys" to change. I have to buy gas in liters and measure rides in kilometers. But I'm 5' 10" and 200lbs and I have absolutely no idea (or interest) what that would be in metric.

why do u have to be like that to us canadians i was trying to figure out ur miles thingie can we help each other and put what the conversons are.
hey H4 were did u get ur led tail lights???
Got the LED taillights and the center LED tail/brake light from Princess Auto.
oh u can get ones that go were the stock ones go but led??
My stock rear lights were hidden by the bumper so I just disconnected them and mounted new ones where they would be more visible.
i get about 90 km on my 99 450es .. yes i know its metric but i figure since all the nutts and bolts are metric why not:)

ps - the conversion from miles to km is 1.6 i beleive , 50 km=30 mph
I tokk my two boys with me on my 99 450s on a day trail ride, about60kms and used 1/2 tank of fuel, course we were only doing 'bout 25-30 km/h.
One other day with only Daddy on the quad and riding with a big group I only got 70kms out of that tank, but was riding hard.
Ive had to use my reserve once.. that was after 70kms of driving... LOTS of WOT use that day... I got to learn to bring extra gas with me !
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