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front wheel drive only

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I was pulling a first gear wheelie and something broke that made the rear wheels not get power. the front wheels still pulled. I replaced the rear differential and axle with new parts, put it all back together and still no rear wheel drive. It makes a kind of a clunking noise near the middle of the bike. I had checked the rear driveshaft when I tore it down and it looked good. I'm thinking it's the part the rear driveshaft goes into on the back of the motor or transmission or whatever that part is. anyone else ever been through this? All thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. it's Friday night and I'm going to go pull it all back apart and see what I can figure out. I'm wondering if I need to pull the whole motor and trans out to repair this problem?
Thanks in advance,
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yeah, i broke the u-joint going into the rear of the motor.
all you need to do is pull the rear swing arm assem. off where it pivots. then take off that boot conecting the siwng arm to the motor and the u-joint is in there, if that's your problem.
it's the u joint

Thanks for the replys guys.
looking at the pictures in the repair manual I have made me think that is probably what it was. The kind replies here make me positive it's the u joint. I got it apart except for the swingarm locknut bolt thing that I need to get a special tool for. I hit them with a chisel and hammer but they didn't move so I may try to make the tool if I can't get my hands on one from the local honda shop tomorrow. I hope they have the u joint and boot too. I figure I should go ahead and replace the boot while it's apart. any other suggestions?
thanks again,
Yes you need a special tool to loosen the jam nut .. A 17mm allen socket works best for the swingarm pivot bolts .. You will probably need new swingarm bearings & seals by the time you get it apart ..
U joint is fine

The U joint was not broke. Turns out I had just never inserted the end of the driveshaft into the splined end of the u joint. The u joint kinda hangs down and if it is not held up the driveshaft will not go into it. Anyway, it's all back together and works great. Thanks to all for your insight and help.

The propeller shaft spring holds the universal joint forward and onto the engine output shaft spline ..?.. The universal joint won't come off if the spring is there ..
yes it does

The driveshaft fell out when I had the rear differential and axle removed. When I reinstalled the driveshaft I did not take the time to ensure the driveshaft splines were engaged into the female splines in the u-joint. Just sloppy workmanship on my part. NO EXCUSE Cost me more money for new swingarm parts and more importantly, it cut into my precious riding time. I guess the moral of the story is, Do it right the first timeor you'll be wrenching while everyone else is riding. Unless you have some cool riding buddies like I do who will come help ya cause they want you along on the rides.
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