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front wheel bearings.......

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anything in need to know or is it all pretty simple.....
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if your talking about changing bearings its pretty simple one tip is get sealed bearings they last 2 times as long
another thing i suggest is to take the whole hub assembly off the bike, dont be lazy and try to nock out the bearing while partially on the bike, it ends up being less stressful...oh ya and the snap rings are really large and strong...get a good set of snap ring pliers and you wont poke your eye out (they will fly with force).
get a pair of safety glasses. if the snap ring hits you in the eyeit could ruin your whole day.
ive always taken the bearings out by simply unbolting the whole hub and just popping it out with a screwdriver and a ball peen hammer theyre usually pretty hard to come out but easy goin in. by the way you doin have to take the knuckle completely off you can unbolt the lower a-arm and spin it around to give you room it will make things alot quicker and much more effortless than taking the whole knuckle off.
I'm faced with the same situation. I want to to it, but I don't want to have to pull the entire front end apart (I don't have pullers for the ball joints, etc).

When you said that you just have to pull the lower control arm off the frame and spin it around, what are you bracing the hub with to drive out the bearing from the back?

I'll probably do it in a day or so, if anyone wants me to document the fun, cuts, bruises etc, I'll take one for the team
had to cut a groove and torch it............ the guts were gone!!!!!!!!!
i just replaced my bearings, i unbolted the a arms from the frame, disconneted breather and brake lines and the lower shock mount....easier than removing ball joints.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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