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Front wheel alignment?

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So my girlfriend was riding my foreman around today, and when she was coming towards me I noticed the front wheels were not both straight. I made sure the handle bars were straight, then looked at the left wheel, it was straight, but the right wheel is pointed outwards. I have had this bike since christmas, this was really the only time it was ridden on without me on it, so I am just now noticing it. We are only talking about an inch or around there, really not anything serious. Iam assuming that it wouldn't take much to fix, but should I bring it in for the warranty to take care of it?
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If I remember right there is a tread on here alreay about this and I think they all do it.
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QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":3ury0gxm)
The TRX500FE/FM toe out 1 3/16" plus/minus 19/32"
So I guess it is ok? When Iam riding it I can't tell that it is pointed out.
i know the wheels are suppossed to be going out slightly. i just eyeballed my wheels when i adjust the tie-rods. it doesnt pull anymore and the wheels are both towed out the same now.
I thought I read a post by a Honda Mechanic and he said 1/8 '' out.
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":1gsbr2h2)
The TRX500FE/FM toe out 30mm plus/minus 15mm
Is that w/ the bike on the ground or up in the air on a jack or does it matter?
Is the 2007 Foreman the same as earlier models?

QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":35doakx6)
The TRX500FE/FM toe out 30mm plus/minus 15mm
Is the 2007 Foreman the same as earlier models?
dumb the +/- 15 mm on EACH would that be 30mm diference from measurement of front of tires and back of tires??

Right now I am a full inch difference between front and back....rides good...just looks odd.
i noticed this about my bike last week. my left front is toed out probably a full inch more than my right front. where do you adjust this at again? pictures are wonderful.
You loosen the nuts that lock the tie rod to the inner and outer tie rod ends and turn the tie rod to adjust it. The measurement is from center front and center rear of the tire.
You got a lift? I noticed mine toed out after i put th lift on, looked fine when stock.
I don't have a lift. running 26x10 mudlites on the front, though.
I had the same problem Friday, my right front tire was toed in I had a ride the next day so I did a quick adjust on the tie rod. It was pretty easy. I'm gonna have to go back after some riding and re-check the alignment , I just got the SS 2" lift :happy my boyfriend put it on for me yesterday!
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