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Front vs. Rear tire size- Let's discuss pro's and con's.

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Just wondering,Why do ATV manufacturers put a more narrow tire on the front? 8" on front and 10" on back. I'm thinking of going to a 26" tire and I would like 26x10's on all four. Even the companies that sell tires want to sell me 26x10's for front and 26x12's for the rear. I've found that a narrow tire seems to do better in mud and snow than a wide tire.Plus a narrow tire takes less power to turn.
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First thing comes to mine on the front end with narrow tires, is less strain on drive train and easier stirring. the narrow front tires will help climb better and and will not float the front end up, wider tires on the rear will help push the bike through the sloppy mud. running narrow tires all the way around will only do good if it has a bottom to grab onto.
I personally wouldnt run te same size tire all the way around unless they were the 29.5's because the front tire would be digging a rut the same size as what the back tires are so you are going to be kinda depending on just your front tires through slop but hey i dont know ive never tried it so what do i know
Biggest reason has to be steering, then weight, then traction. I dont think it will be a major difference either way, but they base things on the majority when deciding on what to sell a bike with. If 75 out of 100 say its better with 8-10 than 10-10 then thats what they promote. Only problem is unless you know someone that has them its an expensive trial. I've seen pix on this site with bikes with the same size all around, look for them and ask is my 2 cents.
I think I'll go ahead and order the Executioners in 26x10's for front and rear.I got an email from Matthew at ATVOUTFITTERS and I can get the tires and rims shipped for $439.00.I know it depends alot on the terrain and in my region the mud holes always seem to have a "bottom" where the tire will get traction.
I'm sure you'll be happy. Good Luck. Thats a good price!
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