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front tire rub??

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the 27' mudlites rub something under my front end. i havent seen any rubbing marks anywhere?? anyone else have tire rub problems? if i could see where it rubs then i could figure out what to do but every time i have rode it has been night time and cant see whats going on
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maybe look at the fender support brackets, i barely have any rubbing with my 29s so the 27s shouldnt be rubbing.
Dude, don't take this the wrong way, but how much do you weight? Robb is not a huge guy, at least not from the pictures I have seen. The amount of weight on the bike will affect the ride level... I have 2 bikes that are the same and when I ride one and my wife the other (she weights about 110) she has alot more wheel-well space compared to me at 215. Do you ride with something always on your front rack?
Yeah I'm a big guy and I don't think I could go with anything bigger than 27's on mine.
ha ha i a little fella tall and about 115-120 nothing on the rack. it only rubs when the wheels are turned all the way either direction and hit a bump a certain way. just seems like the tires would grab that bracket and pull it out but it hasnt yet, maybe i will hit it with a hammer or buy that fender kit highlifter sells. Does anyone make a "body" kit? i dont want to mess with the suspension, i like the ride it has, dont want to stress the axels any more than i have too!!
I "adjusted" my fender brackets to clear my 29s, dont spend the money on that kit, its not needed in my opinion.
on my dads he has 28-12 bugs all the way around and he is not scrubbing because he just took the fender braces out they just arent needed if you bend them they are weak anyway they are just added weight if you ask me and that was w/ no lift and 200lbs
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