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Front shocks and mounts

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Wondering if anybody has had problems with front shock mounts wearing out,is there any other shocks available from the aftermarket world???Factory shocks here in Canada are very pricey.
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I know Progressive makes some, but they are very pricey as well. I don't
know how they ride, cause nobody i know has any. I know Highlifter &
Rocky Mountain ATV sells them. I'm sure there are more places that sell'm
besides those two places.
never had any problems, it must of been loose to wear out. I usually check all the bolts on the front and rear supension after a couple of rides. HL sells a couple of different shocks, but there not cheap. There is a guy from Canada on ebay that sells used parts at a good price. I have bought a few things from him and never had any trouble. The top mount on the shock can be replaced, this might save you some money instead of buying a new shock.
i think they are about 160$ for the pair of fronts from progressive.this is about the cost of one factory replacement shock so i think it's pretty's also the least expensive shock replacement out there right now.cheaper than $259 for the front pair from works and the cheapest lowest model elkas are $495 but you get what you pay for.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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