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Front shaft help

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I have a 2000 450es. I started to hear a slight poping sound in the front not bad and not all the time only when I turn. So I started to take a look at the front end. I noticed the on the right side of the bike the front axel shaft is starting to leak where the shaft mounts to the front diff.

So is this just a seal that will need to be replaced or is there a bearing and seal? I just want to make sure I'm looking for the correct parts. If some one could tell me how hard the repair is.

Here is a link to the fron drawing i think the part that needs to be replaced is item 53.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... A=125&B=33</a>

One more thing I tried to remove the fill plug on the front diff and I guess the owner before my had stripped the head I tried for about and hour to remove the plug. Any ideals on how to get it removed. If flat out of ideals.

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There is a bearing and seal there. I normally remove the seal and replace it. That would not cause a poping noise though. Could be a bearing or ball joint which if the bike has been in the mud before bearings don't last long anyways.

The fill plug could be turned with vice grips if you get lucky. It's not much of a material and can break off easily. Most people don't understand honda uses metric sizes on everything. Worst case is drilling it out which would be a pain. Vice grips would be your best bet.
To clarify i ment the wheel bearing would be making that noise. The bearng in the diff will require the diff to be pulled apart to be changed.
Thanks that was what i thought. I hope the seal will stop the leak. Thanks for yur input.
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