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Front pulling anchor?

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What do you guys use as a front winching anchor? Rather than use my winch hook, I'd like to get something to anchor a tow strap to. I can make one homemade like the ones cabelas sell with a regular D-shackle

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but looking for other ideas....
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I plan on making a front bash plate from checkerplate alum. I'll probably make a reinforced area on the plate for a shackle attachment point similar to the one from Cabelas.
Sounds like a plan. Where would I attach the plate I'm making (like cabela's).. I'm guessing the two upright frame tubes coming from under the frame?
That sounds like a good location. Same place mine will attach thru the bashplate. Direct to the frame is the strongest mounting point.
Here's a pic of mine.
i ahve the one like cabellas and have mad a few for friends i have the 450 so it bolts onto my bumper but plan on makeind one that mounts lower and cutting a hle throu the skid plats i made
DirtyBlonde that's pretty much what I think I'll do.. Thanks for the pic!

As another option, I'm wondering if the stock bumper would hold up if I used that instead.. I have a 2006 and not sure if I wanna remove the plastic and all to use the frame
I have a good one on mine that I made. You wouldn't be able to do the one I have because you have a winch. I chose a tow mount over winch because the bikes is underwater too much.
mafman Go with DirtyBlonde's setup. This is the strongest mounting point on the front of the bike. Used this attachment to pull my Dodge Caravan uphill on gravel when both rear brakes locked up. 10 feet of slack in the rope and flat out in reverse to pluck the van 1 foot at a time. If this didn't hurt the bike I wouldn't worry about anything you'll encounter in a mudhole.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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