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front plastic

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Have any of you guys taken that piece of plastic off the front bumper and replaced it with anything? Im wanting to take that off and weld a peice of tube in the center and just do away with that plastic, plus mine is scratched and dented up pretty good.. Haha you should see my brothers, he centered a tree with his!!
Just give me an idea on what to do with it?
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Very nice job. I see myself doing that in the future.
I sure wish MR UPS man would show up with my parts.
That looks very nice! But i was wanting to do away with the whole plastic piece, if i could. I wish i could hurry up and get home so i could start fabbing stuff up... IF anyone is interested, i have made a rear tow hook that looks like the HL one, but for very cheap. If anyone wants one im sure we could find the right price. Shipping would be the worst part... Let me know, ive already made 8 of them, and will have pics up when i get home saturday or sunday....
I thought of taking the plastic one off and making one like it out of metal using that one as a template.

Hey sedeathrage(sp) what did you order?
Thats a good idea.. im goin to have to try that. i could cut each piece out and weld it all together, and then grind down the welds and paint it black.. Im goin to work on that when i get home... Thanks, it will probably take all day but.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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