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Front Picture of a 2004 Rubicon

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Hey Guys and Gals,
I am looking at buying a windshield fairing and it says it fits a 2004 rubicon. But I cannot seem to find a picture of the headlight from a 2004. Is it the same as my 2006 Foreman? Can anyone give me a heads up or a picture of same?

Moocho appreciated.
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the plastic molding on the 04 is a little different than the 06. i my pics in my sig there are some pics of my 03 rubicon that has the same light as the 04, maby thr pics would help ya.
OK, took a look. Yeah you are right they are different. Thats too bad the deal I could have got on the windshield would have been worth it.

Thanks for the reply!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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