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Front mud flaps

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Has anyone cut the bottom mud flaps off of there 05/06 Foreman 500's yet? The only thing I see that they do is help from throwing as much mud up under the floor boards. Here are some pics of what I am talking about. If anyone has cut them off send in some pics and let me know what you thank about doing it.
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I thought about cutting them down my first time out! I would like to see pics also!
What would be the purpose of cuttin' them? Do they get in the way?
i cut mine with a sharp utility knife and a steady hand. i carefully trimmed them even with the bottom of the floor boards. the reason for cutting them was that they drag on everything. especially when rock crawling. i think the bike has a much cleaner look now also. but with anything, there is a down side. remember, honda engineers are probably smarter than me. the first mud puddle i hit sprayed me good on both sides. i corrected that problem by cutting some thin aluminum diamond plate to fit over the openings of the floorboards. they don't fit so close as to prevent water from draining. i'll take a couple of pics and post them.
lol i cut my in the parking lot at the dealership when i bought mine....they just get in the way and caught on things.
I cut mine with a utility knife,flush with the running board.Mine would drag in the snow.I haven't noticed any difference with the mud getting on the steps.
I cut mine with an angle grinder with a cutting wheel right along the contour about an inch below the hanger rod and curved the cut on the outer edge so to look "factory" on the back I removed about 1 1/2" at the bottom of the from fender about 8" long, you can kinda tell its been done if you are a foreman owner but otherwise it looks factory also! Sorry no pics
I can't say that I can tell a difference after cutting mine. I think someone on the forum had an incident where they were backing up and the flap got caught and I think it damaged their fender. Don't quote me, my memory sucks!
Ya that would me my post I cut mine off with a pair of tin snips because riding over a beaver dam it got caught on my tire and ripped it up the split for the suport wire ,that wont happen with it cut off
Also has anyone took and cut out the other drain hole in the foot peg? Thanks Shooterman for the pic you posted, I did not get a before pic of the footpeg and floorboard before I cut it out. When I went riding last weekend it helped out alot when there was mud in the peg and then you went through water that went past the peg it cleaned it out. Check out the pics, I have the holes circled so you can see what I am talking about.
I wish you had before pics because I can't tell the difference.
Look inside of the white squares I drew, the top pic has the hole cut out and the second pic still has the plastic piece there.
I cut mine with a dremel after beeing tired of them getting caught on things and pulling out the plastic rivets.
Cut mine off with a utility knife - like butter. They kept snagging logs and rocks and trees.. Happy now.
cut my off 2 got in the way.. and got caught on ever thing.. took a troch. and heated up a hot kinfe and cut them off like butter..
I cut mine with a small hacksaw blade. Cut like butter. I cut mine because my 28" laws kept snagging them if i got snow up to the floorboards.
I riped mine off frist time I side loaded it on the trailer with stock tires

anyone heard of taking the black fender extender things off?? or putting something on them to stop them from coming off..?

my thing is we have tight trails here and both fenders rub some trees and if you don't go through just right you will lose one or two rivets from one side... i was thinking of just taking them off...
but then again i would be covered in mud...
Been wanting to cut mine off too. First time out I noticed I hated them. I went to back up in some creek bottom with roots and it hung and popped out those stupid push pins at the bottom. I've been more conscience of it, but still plan on cutting. That was the whole reason for the lift kit and bigger tires!
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