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front lift

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i have the perfex and i want to just have it on the front and have it stock on the back. i want the front to sit higher then the back. will it hurt anything if i do this. i dont think it will but i wanted to make sure.
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you'll be just fine. I did the exact same thing on my 05 Ruby. I liked it a lot better.
no Tyler i dont see how it would hurt anything....i wouldput the rear on two though...might as well...but yeah that bike would look better a little higher in the front.................... the only problem i could see is maybe the suspension in the rear sagging more eventually because of more weight on the bak but i dont think that would be much of an issue since the lift on front wont lift it that much.and maybe it would nt happen anyway...just me own 2cents.
I run the front lift only and i like it a whole lot better , seems less tippy, handles alot better
Can you buy just the front lift?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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