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Front Knuckle Assembly & Bearing Replacement

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Attention Forum readers..I am attempting to replace the front knuckle assembly due to excessive tire play after a recent ride in the woods. After standing up my machine (with the help of a buddy), we noticed some "free play" with the front left tire (tire position view when sitting on the ATV).

Anyway, I have reviewed various Honda OEM parts lists with tons of information and think I know what I need. I do not wish to replace the bearing due to some of the difficulty I've read about removal of this component. My plan is to replace the knuckle assembly with the bearing component intact.

I'm hoping someone else has done this and can give me some quick tips or pointers before I dig in. I am fairly mechanically able and have installed the X-treme disc brake conversion kit with absolute ease. Any help or thoughts appreciated....Thank You!
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i would just replace the bearing , i have done this to both sides of my foreman with no problem.and is much more cheaper

I concur, it will be a lot cheaper to replace the bearing rather than the knuckle and bearing. I used a brass punch to get mine out, but if you are unsure, take the knuckle off (two ball joints and the tie rod) and take it to a shop that can press them out with a hydraulic press. It really is a piece of cake.
It only takes a minute to change the bearing .. Pop out the seals with a prybar or large screwdriver and the bearing is only held in by a snap ring ...
Thanks for the input .....I had read about the hassle getting the bearing out on this and other forums and was a bit concerned about doing it. I will reconsider now and truly appreciate the feedback / input.....Thanks again everyone for chiming in!
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