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Front end prob

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Hey there guys. Well as you can see iv got a pair of gorillas and the detroit locker up front. The prob is that ill be driving in either 2 or 4 wheel drive just crusin and my wheels and handle bars will just suddenly jerk to the left and i mean hard and fast, itll rip the bars right out of my hands and i 4 wheel drive its just as bad. But it will do it for a while then stop for a while. Now when i first put the shafts and locker in i messed up and put them in on the wrong side of the diff ( dident realize one was longer than the other) and while wheelin out at crosby the shaft actually pulled out of the diff lettin all kinds of junk inside along with grinding out the pice that the ring gear bolts to. Iv rebuilt the diff with new outer seal and rebuilt the locker and its still doin it. The only thing i can think is that the cv is some how messed up and binding up. What do youall think?
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**** that looks nasty!!!
lol your tellin me, hows those sealed bearings doin it for u? Get them in yet?
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