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Front Drive Shaft

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Does anyone else have a leaky shaft. Mine has oil all over the skid plate and the ground, but honda says they haven't heard of this problem and that warranty may not cover it. Honda also said that I am the first that has had a problem like this and that I must ride the bike to hard. I am getting to the point that this is the last Honda that I will ever own again. I have been buying Hondas since the early 90's and I think that this one just put a sudden stop to anymore.
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I think theres been a couple other post about this. From what iv read this seems to be a common prob on these hondas but i wouldent go to the extreme of sayin " its the last honda ill every buy" If honda wont fix it just put another one in or sell it and buy a popo. Every thing mechanical will eventually break and deteroiate over time. So just fix it.
LOL Have your dealer call H&W Honda in Palestine Texas!!! The salesman, service dept guy, and mechanic ALL said that was a problem they were dealing with on the 05-06 Foremans!!! They did mine, which took forever (about 6weeks) but it was the 6 weeks leading up to the HighLifter Mud Nationals, and those parts, and I was trying to get a DGL through HL that was on backorder installed there too that never came in! In short either your dealer is nieve or blowing smoke up your tailpipe!
Vaughn posted a column of the front drive shaft leaking. And the next thing...about 20 people joined in. I think someone said that there may have been a bad batch of seals that went out. Once he replaced the seal...Good To Go.. What year..His is a 2005. Scroll down to where Vaughn posted the site. You will see...
I had the same problem mine went out but it was because i got gas in the oil and it ate it up...........Havent had any problems since i changed it though
mine is in the shop right now for that proble. Round # 2
Thanks guys for making my point.. See There?
Where is the leak at? Is it the seal on front engine cover for the shaft going to the front diff? Just curious, haven't had any in the shop for this problem yet.
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