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front differential

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Just picked up my foreman from the dealer today. They were replacing my front drive shaft seal because it was leaking oil. I got a call from the dealer yesterday saying that there was a grinding noise coming from my front diff while the service guy took it for a test ride. They pulled the plug and said my oil was milky and asked if I wanted to change the front and rear diff oil and I said sure. I get it home and the front diff is grinding really bad, it wasn't doing this when I took it to them. I changed the oil again using synthetic oil, the oil that came out of the diff still had a trace a milkiness.

I realize the milky oil in the diff was not a good thing but could it happen this quick? I have 435 miles and occasionally play in water.

How hard would it be to remove the diff and let someone rebuild it. The dealer is suggesting replacing the whole diff. Diff = $600 Labor = $400

This couldn't have come from replacing the drive shaft seal could it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Ouch dam! Thats some cash right there. Ive pulled mine out about 3 times now and can almost do it with my eyes closed. Get a shop manual on how to do it and read through it. I would at least try it and if it dosent work out then you can take it to them. I say go for it.
It is not that hard, I did it with no manual. If you have to replace your diff and ride in a lot of mud might I suggest a DGL. That is what I put in mine when I blew my front diff.
I just ordered a service manual, hopefully it won't take too long to receive it. I'm gonna go ahead and attempt to remove the diff. while waiting on the service manual. Is there anything that I should look for or be concerned with while removing it. I know most parts are easier to remove than they are to put back together.
If it will cost 600 for parts and you have the manual you might as well go for the HL Detriot Locker style front diff.
It sounds like your dealer is just lazey and dosent want to pull your diff apart to see what the prob really is. For all you know the parts that you need could only cost 100bux but if they replace the whole diff for 600 bux, well you do the math. As for the water, yes it will damage it but probably only if you ride for a while with it full. It dosent help the sensiors either.
Change the seals & bearings yourself .. The small needle bearing on the pinion is the only hard bearing to change ..
Thanks for the help guys, gonna work on it myself. It's crazy the more I tear up the more I learn. Wish me luck !
QUOTE ("dazedlok":ztvwq7as)
Thanks for the help guys, gonna work on it myself. It's crazy the more I tear up the more I learn. Wish me luck !
I know what you mean by the more you tear up, the more you learn. That's
how you learn things, by doin' it yourself & see'n what not & what to do.
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