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front differential fluid on a 1996 400 foreman

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HI GUYS! I have a question regarding changing the front dif fluid. I recently drained it and when I went to put the new fluid in, it ran all over the place. It seems like it doesn't want to pour in with ease.. I used a long neck funnel and tried to put some in but it seems like it didn't happen all that much. I am left with 1/3 quart missing from a new quart of gear oil and was wondering if there is a trick to applying it or am I overeacting and there is obviously enough in it. As always any input would be greatly appreciated.
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front diff fluid

Don't know about the 400,but the 450 only takes 6.4 us fluid ounces
It doesn't hold much. I fill it slowly using a rubber line. I fill it till it start coming out of the filler hole.
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