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Front Diff Wonder

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ok guys, its been awhile since i was on here last. Been working alot lately!

I decide to change all the fluids on my bike oneday when i had time and was changing the oil in my truck.

Rear Diff- looked good, no water or anything.
Motor Oil- Nice and black... nothing unusual.
Front Diff- Full of MUD, Gee Dont know how that got there??!!?

Anyway, after about 2 hours of trying, i finally got it all out.

Tried draining it, it looked like Chocolate Ice Cream out of a Machine...
Finally got most of it out, so i got my atv jack and lifted the bike off the ground. Got the water hose and got my buddy to hold it in the fill hole. Finally after about 15 min of running the bike in 4x4 the water started coming out clear.
Got the Diff fluid and filled it halfway, then mixed the other half with Seafoam. Ran it around the yard for about 30 min. Drained it, looked pretty good. Proceeded to change the fluid 3 more times.

So now i have my bike back to the right condition,,,,, Lookin for more mud holes...

I did notice after i changed the front fluid, it started tryin to pull both tires better... wonder why?..

For those of yall that like to play in the mud... check the Diff fluids more often, i dont want to see this happen to anybody.
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what's up nonnie, been awhile. I always check everything after we get back from a big ride and again before we go just to make sure I didnt over look something.
Yea its been a long time.. i finally got my new winch on my bike so now im ready..
When are yall plannin on coming to timberlanes ore somthing?
Nonnie your still going to help me put my bike back together right? haha
Im goin to sit there and watch you put it together, even the oil filter....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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