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Front diff (Dirty4man,Honda mechanic)

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I just got all my parts to assemble my front diff. I'm having a problem taking out the nut that holds the pinion gear( don't have the special tool). where can i get one Cheap or is there something else to use. The local dealers don't have this tool and it's about $150 . I don't want to spend that much for a tool that will sit in my box. Anything else i can use.Not sure what it's called but it's the lock nut 64mm that holds the bearing in place,also is it reverse threaded. Thanks alot guys
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Yes reverse to remove it. I went to the local hardware store and found a big plumber style nut to fit the internal nut on the diff. I paid a $1 for it and welded it to an old 1/2" drive socket I had laying around the house. I have used it many times with no problems to the internal nuts.
Thanks. I'll try it tomorrow.
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